Various versions have evolved over the years PROGRAMS have evolved over the years.

The highest quality of life includes physical, emotional, mental and social components. A high level of fitness in one of these areas enhances the other areas, and a low level in any of the areas restricts achievements possible in other areas.  Through fitness we not only increase the performance of our physical activities but also enhance our emotional stability, social confidence, and mental alertness/clarity.

Leading a fit and healthy lifestyle will: 
    •    improve circulation
    •    improve cardiovascular fitness
    •    develop muscle tone
    •    increase flexibility
    •    build strength and endurance
    •    decrease body fat percentage
    •    increase lean muscle tissue
    •    enhance sports performance
    •    build a stronger immune system
    •    reduce stress
    •    enhance energy
    •    create higher self esteem and respect

Components of Fitness:
    •    Aerobics
    •    Agility
    •    Anaerobics
    •    Balance
    •    Flexibility
    •    Nutrition
    •    Service

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